CelebriTEA©: Lining up for 2013


Are you a tea blogger? Love a friend's tea blog? You could be featured as a CelebriTEA©! This monthly feature is part of what makes Keen Tea Thyme so much fun! 

I'm looking for fabulous teaists who love talking tea who want to be featured in 2013. How does this work? Simple. I send you a questionnaire, and you answer the questions, including any comments and post plugs. I write a feature based on your responses, and will link to your blog in the article, plus on my blogroll. Before I publish it, I send it to you - to make sure I got my facts right. I do retain creative control, but the goal is to help promote your blog - no Negative Nancies comments, only Positive Pollies! :) You can link to the article on your own site as well.

I like to include photos as well - anything you want. You will retain the copyright on the photos, of course, and will be credited accordingly.

The feature runs for one month in this tab. After the month is up, it becomes a regular post and part of my blog permanently.

If you have a tea blogger you'd like to nominate - and you can self-nominate - please email me at keenteathyme@gmail.com.

Let's make 2013 all about tea!

Happy Brewing!

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  1. what a lovely idea - is it impolitic to er suggest ones own blog? at risk of appearing less than shy, I would be delighted if you took a look at http://teawithmarykate.wordpress.com/test-of-page-add-here/