The Buzz...

What's the buzz about this month? Well, glad you asked because September is National Honey Month!

How sweet, eh? (Sorry but you know me and my puns.)

Honey is a favorite sweetener in many recipes, including tea and especially when there is a sore throat involved. I remember drinking a cup of chamomile tea with honey. Yum! I never stirred the honey in - being the sugar freak I am - so that last gulp was a satisfying sugar rush...that, now that I think about it, probably counter-acted any sleep-inducing qualities of the cold meds I was taking. (Sorry Mom/Dad.)

Did you know that there is a honey tea as well? Culinary Teas - home of many of my favorite teas, including Cinnamon and their to-die-for Long Island Strawberry Sencha - offers a Honey Tea. It tastes just as sweet as plain black tea with a dollop of honey. You can add sweetener if you want, but for those of us - again, sugar freak, right here - who love the taste of honey, that's good enough for me.

They also offer a Raspberry Honey Tea and a Chamomile Honey Tea which I have not yet tried. Guess I'll have to place another order! Oh darn. ;)

Get even more in the spirit of National Honey Month by trying Strawberry Honey Lip Balms and soaps from my new favorite soap and sundries shop: SCENTSational Soaps! (Check out the story first, and then head over to their shop to try out their products. 100% wonderful!)

So what about you, dear readers? How will you celebrate National Honey Month? Got a favorite tea to add honey to, or a favorite honey-flavored tea?

Any tea & honey recipes you'd like to share as well?

Happy Buzzing...I mean Brewing! :)