Readers' fave types of tea - and featured June 2011 Pollster

Results of the June 2011 Poll:
What's your favorite type of tea? (Email me WHY for a chance to be a June 2011 Pollster!)
-black (assam, darjeeling): 0%
-green: 10%
-white: 0%
-herbal tisane/blend: 10%
-blend of one or more teas: 40%
-other: 10%

Jennifer, AKA QuiltGuppy, is the June 2011 Featured Pollster! She explained the reasons why she chose oolong (other) as her favorite tea:

"I chose oolong as my fave because I find myself continually amazed that those large tea leaves can be rolled into such tiny packages.  They remind me of those little pellets that you drop into water and after a few hours they turn into bigger dinosaurs.  I always have to peek at the leaves after they've been steeped and I'm always impressed.  :)  I also love that oolong tends to be a great travel tea.  I can leave it in my mug for a while, yet it doesn't become bitter.  It has amazing depth to it and the number of natural flavors that unfurl with the leaves is astounding.  My favorite is milk oolong, but it's in good company with many others.  Plus, it doesn't take hours to unfurl.  And, it doesn't taste like a dinosaur." Love it! Thanks for sharing, QG! :)

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Company Profile on Hold

Hey readers,
Since July is a busy month for me - vacations, volunteering, etc, I will actually not be featuring a company profile for July. Instead I will feature a profile for August/Sept., then Oct/Nov. I'll skip December as well, since it's usually a crazy time too. Then we'll be back on the regular schedule in January (Jan/Feb, March/April, May/June, etc).

A CelebriTEA will be featured in the next few days, however, and her profile will run through the beginning of August. Who is this month's CelebriTEA? HINT: she just started her own tea company and she loves cats. :)

If you're interested in being featured as a CelebriTEA - which features your tea-related blog and a little bit about yourself, including why you blog about tea - please give me a shout: email me or post below.

Happy Summer!

Winner of 5K hits

We're back in business! YAY! My wonderful husband was able to fix the cable issues, thank goodness. :)

So, finally, let's get talking about tea. First up, the winner of the 5K contest is Courtney Powers AKA Wifey_Woman (and AKA Little Mew Brew). Click this link to view her blog: The Adventures of Wifey Woman.

She wins tea, including some of my own blends such as Pink Pearls (to be available for purchase this summer).

For this contest, entries had to list my blog somewhere on their blog for a chance to win and either email me the link or post it on the original post. I used the random winner generator at random.org to make the final selection.

I may do this contest again, so stay tuned! :)


Blog on Hold - Internet connection spotty

Thanks to a summer thunderstorm over the weekend, Keen Tea Thyme will be on hold for a couple days until the Internet connection is back. Thanks oodles, Comcast! *sarcasm* We're looking into other Internet options as I type this... (a true threat...)

Everything should be online by Friday, including a new CelebriTEA, a new company profile, info on my own tea blends to be for sale, June featured pollsters and much more. I've extended the poll through Friday since I won't be able to update as much. I'll have a new section on reviewing teas from Wegmans (just got a new store near me) and a new iced tea feature. I'm excited to get started!

Continue to send your ideas, emails and questions, especially if you have any iced tea recipes you'd like to share.

And keep drinking tea! :) Happy Brewing!

Summertime = Iced Tea Time