High "Thyme" for a Contest - Spring 2011

(You should be warned: I am crazy about bad puns. I'm sorry. I'll try to do better.)

Awaiting Inspiration

Each month Keen Tea Thyme will host a contest. Winners will receive a selection of tea (what else?). Depending on the month, winners may be able to choose which teas they want.

So without further adieu, here's the contest for Spring 2011: Tea Haiku.

Post your tea haiku here and have fun. Winner(s) will receive a selection of tea and/or teaware. **Updated: since the blog was slow to start, I'm changing the contest to every three months. So this is the Spring 2011 contest. Submit through the end of May. Winner(s) will be chosen in June.

To refresh your memory, haiku is comprised of simple 5, 7, 5 beats or syllables per line. For a complete explanation, see what Wikipedia has to say.

Here's an example, written quickly by me:
A fresh brewed cuppa
awaits eager lips for a sip
relaxation time.

Post yours below. If you are having trouble posting, please e-mail me your haiku. Post as many times as you'd like - but a different haiku each time. Make sure to sign your name (web name is fine). Contest runs from March 1 - May 31. We'll start voting for favorites in June, with winners announced at the end of the month.

So brew a cuppa and get crackin'!


Welcome to Keen Tea Thyme!

What is this place, you ask? This is a place for all people keen on tea!

This site is designed to be a fun place to learn about the different kinds of tea, read reviews of teas and tea companies, post stories and/or tributes of tea...basically, this blog is a myriad of all things tea!

I've been drinking tea since I was a little girl. My grandmother got me interested in tea, but only recently (the past few years) have I discovered the joys of brewing my own loose tea. (No, I don't grow it. But I blend it.)

Tea isn't just a beverage. People use tea leaves in a variety of ways - for fortune telling (just for fun on this site), in creating bath salts and soaps, even as rubs for meat marinades. Vegetarians, state your piece too - do you use tea leaves in your dishes?

So join all of us keen on tea and enjoy your "thyme" here!

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