LeviTea - tea time is fun time!

Another Keen Tea Thyme blog? Are you insane?
Yes, but in a good way. (and yes I'm answering my own questions but at least I'm not talking in the third person.)

I've decided to start selling my own custom blends on Tea Trade, with my new company name, LeviTea. The Web site is still a work in progress, but by the end of July you'll be able to purchase my own custom blends, and pre-order Ally's Adventures as a Teaist Apprentice. (Remember that story? That was partially stolen?) I'm still working on it and plan on publishing it in time for the holidays.

So, you can let me know if you want a copy of Ally's Adventures (no payment due yet, just need to know how many to order).

And you can start enjoying some of my custom blends. All orders from LeviTea will include a free sample of one of my Adagio blends, or another custom blend you'd like to try.

Each will be for sale in convenient 2 oz packages (larger pouches available for special order, eventually.)

This blog will still be rockin', tea fiends, so don't fret! I'll have a "Name My Custom Blend" contest, a special tea crossword puzzle, and coupon codes for my LeviTea site buried in different posts...so you'll have to read to find them!

Plus I'll have the usual suspects posts that you've all grown to love. ;)

Got any suggestions? Want to preorder Ally now? (Remember no payment is due yet. I'll keep you posted on those deets.)

Got an idea for a custom blend? I'd love to hear it - as long as I don't have to compete with Frank of Oz, I mean Frank of 52 Teas. No one beats him! :)

Email away and keep on drinking tea! :) Happy Brewing!


iHeartTeas.com - Kickoff Party through 7/18/11

Our good friend - and fellow tea fiend - has been making some changes to her online tea shop, iHeartTeas.com. To help celebrate the changes, Rachel is offering 20% off your order at iHeartTeas.com, through 7/18/11.

First, visit her site here: http://iheartteas.teatra.de/2011/07/iheartteas-kick-off-party/

Second, find the teas you'd like to purchase through that link only - her tiny.pay account will not accept the coupon code, nor the shopping cart so make sure you're in the right location - her blog marketplace.

Third, enter the coupon code "KickOff20" at checkout (minus the quotations, of course).

iHeartTeas sells a variety of tea selections: from Rescued from Retirement Teas (in association with 52 Teas) to handpicked sampler packs. Rachel has been one of the most successful tea sellers on Tea Trade, and is one of the most friendly people I know. So if you are having trouble entering the code or need any help, visit her Web site and drop her a line.

Let's help celebrate this new iHeartTeas initiative and score a great deal in the process! :)

From Wegmans (Frederick) to Home: Blood Orange Star Fruit

 From Wegmans to Home: The Tea Aisle at the new Frederick, MD, store offers up new tea varieties

Blood Orange Star Fruit Green Tea, Wellness Supplement by Celestial Seasonings (Bagged)

OK, this is my first attempt at this feature. I did ask for permission to use Wegmans' name on my blog and haven't heard back yet. But this feature isn't really about Wegmans, it's about the teas I'm discovering in the tea aisle there. (Also, my Frederick store lists "pop" instead of "soda"; I'm tickled!)

Found this gem during my inaugural trip there and have gotten at least two coworkers hooked on it. Oh, and I'm hooked as well.


This green tea is blood orange & citrus to the max. Actually it's more BLOOD ORANGE & STARFRUIT than Green Tea, if you know what I mean.

I've tried this cold brewed, loved it; blended it with some juice and loved it still. Tried it hot and was still in love. The only downside is that you can't resteep. But it's a bagged tea so it's not like I really expected to do that.

This is a green tea, so it does have some caffeine. But the punch of citrus-in-your-face is balanced by Rebiana (a sweetener from Stevia, which contains soy lecithin, according to the site). This tea is also 100% natural, and really does a body good. I did find like I had more energy after drinking two cups of it... placebo effect, perhaps, but it worked for me!

I love the deep, tangy tastes in this tea: sunshine in a cup. I drank it on a rainy day and swore there was a little ray of sunshine coming from my Fiestaware mug.

It is wonderful and refreshing. Iced, hot, even mixed with orange juice. I wonder what it would be like in a green tea based smoothie... If anyone tries it before me, lemme know!