You're So Sweet...

In reviewing the results of the poll so far, I noticed some selecting "other" as their sweetener of choice.. By other, do you mean agave nectar? Or something else entirely?

Those of you who are purists, good for you! I enjoy my tea with Splenda, as I have a keen sugar tooth, and was once a part of the sugar crystal phase. So I'm trying to be better about my tea - for my teeth's sake!

Please post your sweetener preferences below. Just curious by the "other" choice; what am I missing?


RealiTEA - Tea Scented Perfumes

Tetley is launching a new Tea Scented perfume called "Le Brew," and features a Marilyn-Monroe chick on the bottle. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1373655/Tetley-launches-tea-scented-perfume-named-Le-Brew.html?ito=feeds-newsxml

Tetley isn't the first to launch tea-scented frags. Demeter Fragrance, a fun company which offers one-of-a-kind and unique scents, has a few on their shelves already:

...to name a few. I only scrolled to the "H" and gave up after five examples.

...wait, Chai Tea?! I may have to try that one!

Would you really want to smell like tea, though? As a room spray, sure. And as a shower gel/body wash, soap - that's all cool too. But as a perfume?

What do you think? Would you want to smell like brewed tea?

LeviTEA - fun tea breaks

Researching and learning about tea is fun, but once in a while you need a LeviTEA break - stop for a moment to ponder a fun fact or random question. (Levity is defined as a source of silly entertainment and/or amusement.)

This post will (try!) to keep track of the fun and silly tea facts, thoughts and ponderings of Keen Tea Thyme.

  1. The Pursuit of Earl Grey or Gray: posted 4/5/2011

Last updated: 4/5/11

Quest for Earl Grey

It's begun. The Quest to Conquer EG Fears.

I'm an Earl Grey (EG) rookie, but it's time I finally branch out into bergamot and start enjoying the pleasures of this watery fruit loop tea.

OK, I'll be nicer to it once it starts tasting better.

List your fave EG varieties below and why. I'll link up to any reviews I do and may even try some based on your  opinions.

The first EG I tried after YEARS of shunning was the Earl Grey Moonlight by Adagio.
...I am typically NOT an Earl Grey fan, and maybe that distinction yields my appeased tastebuds. Overall, I love the combination of creamy vanilla and citrusy bergamot. A friend of mine who adores Earl Grey can’t stand it – she says the medley is too unlike Earl Grey to take it seriously. And I think that’s why I like it! :) I also added a bit of Splenda (two packets) because the bergamot flavor was too strong for me at first.

  • Take a LeviTEA break to ponder: "Grey" can be spelled two ways - also with an "a," "Gray" - but when it comes to Earl Grey, I rarely see it with the "a." Why is that?

Teaist Apprentice - Part Two

...The field surrounding Ally is beautiful and lush. The breeze swirling about her is fresh and light, while the air smells faintly of summer rain - a refreshing and cleansing smell. She sips her tea, which magically stayed warm and in the cup. Bits of the air slip into her tea so that it tastes even more refreshing. "It's been a long day," she murmurs. "I must be hallucinating. Well, I'm talking to myself. That's the first step of insanity."

Ally walks through the field with flowers and grass brushing up against her legs. She finds herself on a path and looks ahead in the distance. There, sitting regally, is a bright red structure - a pagoda. It's a bit up the road, but she reaches it quickly. Time exists but bends.

Ally, cup still in hand, approaches the pagoda and stares into the eyes of what appears to be a statue of a man, clothed in silky garments and sporting a conical hat. Suddenly, the eyes blink and Ally jumps. "You scared me!" She blurts out, almost spilling the mug of tea.

"You scared me," the old man says in tattered English, speaking slowly. "What are you doing wondering around here?" He seizes up her clothes - her "study" clothes: yoga pants, a comfy slub tee and a zip-up hoodie.

How can I explain I just poured a cup of tea and appeared in Japan? Ally asks herself - without speaking aloud. "I'm trying to find my way to the tea," she says vaguely, not understanding that tea isn't just a singular object.

"The tea? I do not understand," the old man says. He shakes his head. "Nevermind that. I could use your help in the farming." He holds out his hand and Ally shakes it, surprised at how soft his hand is. "My name is Yamato."

"My name is Ally; nice to meet you," Ally says politely.

"Come with me, Ally-son. We will harvest tea and prepare for the royal tea ceremony!"

Reader Question 1) What is it about tea that you're hoping to learn more about? Origin? Processing? Interesting legends? What's drawing you in? Ally will answer this question next week in ths 3rd installment of the Teaist Apprentice: Wed., April 13, 2011.

Reader Question 2) I want to know more about the Japanese tea ceremony. Ally will learn to harvest tea leaves, prep them for the ceremony and how the ceremony takes place in the 4th Installment of the Teaist Apprentice: Wed., April 20, 2011.

Send in your questions: keenteathyme@gmail.com


Dara Gold - Tea Stain Art

Check out the new feature on Keen Tea Thyme: Dara Gold's amazing Tea Stain Art! This wonder woman creates art using tea stains as the paint. Amazing!

She's a new feature on the site. Ask her questions about her work; we'll update the questions and images often. If you choose to buy anything from her site, make sure you mention you found her on Keen Tea Thyme! :)


Visit her Web site to see all of her amazing work:


Results of the Brewing Question

The results are in on my poll... thanks to all who voted! Please check out the latest poll - what sweetener do you add to your tea?

The results are posted below; remember, you could vote for multiple items. I will do my best to get as much info as you guys wanted here. I'm not in debt with student loans for an investigative journalism degree for nothing! :)

The results:

  • 50% of you said you wanted to see tea reviews. I do a lot of reviews on steepster.com, and I don't want to compete with the lovely SororiTEA sisters, but I'll post some reviews. 
  • 25% of you said you wanted fun stuff - puzzles, games, etc. I've got a tea crossword I will be posting in the month of April, and a few more puzzles/riddles. 
  • And 62% each wanted histories of tea, interviews with master blenders and shop owners, and recipes.
    • I've got plenty of interviews lined up. I love talking to people about their companies...and for some odd reason they like talking about them too! As for the histories of tea, stay tuned to the weekly installment of Teaist Apprentice, my fictional adventure into the world of tea.
If there's anything else you think my blog needs, e-mail me. I will be better about updating it daily, I blame my evil spine for getting hurt somehow and the muscle relaxers that bend reality...

Tea-ku Contest - Haiku about tea

This contest is in full swing - but you still have time to post or e-mail me your tea haiku. We'll vote on the favorites here. So post away! This contest runs from now through May 31. We'll vote on the favorites in June. Winner will receive a grand prize related to tea... (of course)

Need help on the rules & all that jazz? Refresh your memory here.

Get crackin', teaists! :)

SerendipiTEA - Tea Mantras

While working on my "tea calming" post, I came across some fun phrases re: tea. Here are some of the photos. I'm taking the easy way out on this post, guys, sorry. But feel free to add your personal tea mantras below.

The blog I found this pic from has some other great items. Check out the felt tea cups. I love it! :)


I sincerely hope there was more tea in the cup... but I'm a pessimist; it's half empty.

I typed "tea mantras" into Google images...as a teaist can I say how sick I am of the Tea Party? I don't mean any cute little girls' b-day parties, or ladies dressed for high tea. I don't mean us - fellow teaists swapping thoughts and discussions on tea. I mean the stupid political part. UGH.

Got any other pics of your tea mantras? Share below.

RealiTEA - Tea calms on Tosh.0

Apparently a well-known British phrase? Help me out, blokes. :)

OK, first off, I'm not a big fan of Tosh.0, nor Comedy Central (release South Park to a REAL channel so the cuss words aren't bleeped out. Yes, I'm 30 and still watch South Park. Never gets old. In your face, Simpsons).

But I've been home sick this weekend, doctor's orders. Most of my reader(s) - lol - know I suffer from migraines, but this is something worse. Somehow, the world's greatest couch potato/gamer got a herniated disc in her spine. We're not sure how this happened. It just hurts like a bleepity-bleep and sometimes the pills don't work.

Sometimes they do. I've had some crazy-ass dreams, ya'll.

Back to the topic. I have been neglecting my blog and for that I am sorry. So I've got a couple posts up my sleeve. First, tea calming on the (for whatever reason) popular Tosh.0. (Yes, I laugh at some of the videos. But when you boil down the TV show it's basically some wannabe comedian poking fun at internet videos. I can do that. My brother, who is freakin' hilarious, can do that. But I digress.)

There was a video in which some film maker was trying to promote an upcoming festival on a local news channel. In the middle of the interview, he threw up all over the reporter's desk. On live TV. Tosh does this web redemption segment when he gives the offending person another chance.

To calm Barfee he played soft music, set up a little desk Zen garden, and presented him with tea.

The tea did calm down the poor guy who was able to redo the interview and promote the festival. Or film. Or whatever. The point is, the tea helped. (I tried to find a link to the actual video...FAIL. Sorry folks.)

Tea has a calming effect. I've been drinking lots of tea lately, trying samples from new places, and trying to get more involved.

So I ask you, Dear Reader(s), what type of tea calms you the most? Post below. I'm Nosy Nancy today.