1st Interview with Ally

Reader Question 1) What is it about tea that you're hoping to learn more about? Origin? Processing? Interesting legends? What's drawing you in? 

Where Ally is taking classes

Ally sits with us for a moment during her training and discovery of what it means to be a Teaist. She's dressed comfortably in yoga attire, and holds a cup of plain green tea.

KiTT: How is your training so far?

Ally: It's been great. I'm learning a lot of things about tea I never knew.

KiTT: Readers are wondering: what is it about tea you are hoping to learn? 

Ally: There's a whole different perspective on tea in different cultures. We Americans just consider it another beverage, but tea in Japan involves an entire ceremony. I want to learn about the ceremony and participate in an authentic one. I'd love to learn about the history of tea; one time it was used as currency. 

KiTT: Are there any legends you'd like to learn about?

Ally: I'm big into the paranormal, so I'm always looking for ghost tales and legends. I'm reading "Green Tea and other ghost stories" so I'll let you know if I come across anything of interest. Also a book about ghosts and Tea Tables in WV. Not sure what it's about, but I'm looking into it. If you or your readers have any legends for me to investigate, let me know.

KiTT: What's drawing you in?

Ally: Tea is such a big part of this world in so many different ways. It's a beverage, it's a lifestyle, it's currency, it's calming. There are so many attributes. I want to learn as much as I can so I can open up my own tea house.

KiTT: Is that your goal, then?

Ally: Yes. My own tea house. Wouldn't that rock? *checks her watch* OK, gotta split. Lessons are starting back up.

KiTT: Thanks for taking a moment. Talk to you later and good luck!

Submit your questions for Ally to answer during her breaks by posting below or e-mailing me at keenteathyme@gmail.com. 

OK, Crazy Keenan is gone

I was annoyed, pissed yesterday! But that crazy woman has left the building. I am enjoying a cup of Pancake Breakfast tea and am searching for news articles. Later today I'll post the continuation of Ally's adventures in Tea-land as she becomes the first Teaist Apprentice.

Right now it's just me and this awesome blend by 52teas.

Pancake Breakfast Black Tea (posted on Steepster)
YAY! I returned to work this morning to find my 52teas order awaiting my arrival. I tore into this tea first and I gotta say, this is a new favorite! I was careful about steeping time, after reading the other reviews. I steeped no more than 3 minutes (work be damned!). I taste maple syrup (the good kind, not the table syrup), butter and buttermilk pancakes! So unique, so Frank. This is SO good! I added one packet of Splenda, which enhanced the goodness of flavors, I think. I’m reminded of my Oma’s pancakes – without the calories. Wonderful, delicious, savory. I’m in heaven! This should be a permanent part of the 52teas collection!


WTF, Steepster?

Something is up with steepster today. For some reason I was unable to log in, so I tried to reset my password. Nothing. Annoying.

Maybe I will start my own tea rating/review site! Take that!

I was about 10 notes away from 200!

I am tempted to blog in ALL CAPS but I shouldn't be mad at you, dear reader(s). It's just irritating and I have a migraine so everything annoys me easily.

Also, I was home sick today and watched a lot of Tosh.0. Dammit, you, I am turning into a fan. He's pretty funny. Definitely funnier than that Steve guy from The Office (who is leaving, you know, the 40-year-old virgin), and funnier than David Letterman. Not as funny as Jim Gaffigan though. The Gaff wins.

See, when you have to listen to me blog about everything besides tea, it's not nearly as fun. :(

WTF, Steepster?! WTF!?


Earl Grey Part Deux

OK. Had another EG today, testing the "watery fruit loop" essence of this tea. I don't know what it is but I just can't find a taste for it.

This one from Metro Tea smelled delicious - citrusy and bright - but the taste! Lots of fruit loopy and manly. This next sentence will make me sound like a weirdo, I know, but the EG Cream smelled like a man - like cologne. And very much not in a good way. I don't like heavy cologne on men; I call it "Pimp Diesel." So while this one is tasty and hearty, it has a certain Pimp Diesel quality to it.

Maybe I oversteeped. Maybe I'm completely ignorant about EG. OK, actually I am. But I need to conquer this taste. Help me out, teasters!

First Cuppa Tea...

Do you remember the first cup of tea you ever had? If you've been drinking tea for years - like me - it's not likely, unless you have some kinda super memory brain. :) But what about your first memories of tea? Did you have a tea ritual?

For example, I can remember coming home from school and making a cup of Constant Comment, Cinnamon Stick or Mint Medley (from Bigelow). I'd sip while munching on popcorn, my favorite after-school snack. (Side note: does anyone remember Pop Quiz popcorn? The bags were what we now call snack-size, and the butter was different colors: blue, green, pink. Same color in each bag. The bags had trivia questions on them... My husband swears I am making this up but I swear this did exist! Help me out, please, teasters.)

I would sip while doing my homework, stealing sugar cubes from the porcelain container they were stowed away in the cupboard. I didn't usually put the sugar IN the tea; I would suck on the cubes. I have a mega sweet-tooth. There is a family story about me hiding an open sugar packet in my sock when I was little. All you have to say is "Sugar packet" to my mom and she'll tell you the story, with tears of laughter in her eyes.

I digress.

Tea was - and is - a big part of my life. Once I got into brewing loose tea, making it became a fun experience. Now I enjoy my own little ritual. When I arrive at work, I get the water ready, grab a filter bag and make my cup of chai or whatever I am feeling at the moment. At home I do the same thing, finding peace and comfort in the routine. It's "me" time... it's a minute in which I don't have to think about work or anything else stressful, just enjoying the tea brewing.

Share your tea routine.