Cool new contest at Arbor Teas

Hey teasters, we love to express our opinions about tea, right? Well guess what? Arbor Teas - home of high quality organic loose tea - is offering up a cool contest. For the next two weeks (until next weekend or so - March 19ish), the Michigan-based company will monitor all reviews posted about their teas on steepster.com. (If you haven't visited steepster.com, GO THERE NOW. Then return to my blog. Steepster is the hub of the online tea community.)

OK, so post your reviews of the Arbor Teas on Steepster.com by posting tea logs. The person with the "most detailed, compelling (but not necessarily most positive) review" of the teas will be awarded a free regular-sized package of any tea, with free shipping too. Sweet deal! (Note: the winner's tea must be in stock at the close of the contest to be considered as the prize.)

Got questions? Post in the discussion section @Steepster here or visit http://www.arborteas.com/.

Good luck and have fun!

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