Quest for Earl Grey

One of my tea friends recently had a birthday. She's an Earl Grey fiend, so I purchased a bunch of EG samplers for her, from Adagio and other places.

I decided to try EG Lavender by Adagio for myself. I've tried other EG Lavender varieties - such as Metro Teas - and enjoyed the cuppas. I call EG Lavender the EG Gateway. I'll get there some day, folks.

But not with this variety. This doesn't taste anything like lavender! It brews up syrupy sweet - meaning it smells like syrup. And not in the way that the awesome Pancake Breakfast from 52teas does (which is my latest obsession). It's bizarre. I'm going to try to brew it w/less time, maybe that will help.

Honestly, I'm a little embarrassed that I trusted Adagio's EGs for a b-day present.

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