365 Things Every Tea Lover Should Know

Picked up this gem over the weekend: 365 Things Every Tea Lover Should Know from Harvest House Publications.

It's a collection of tea quotes, sayings and fun facts, plus a recipe or two. I keep it with me in my purse and check it out once in a while. It's fun to flip to a page and see what's there.

Randomly flipped to page 73, which lists the following:
#190: For your afternoon tea pleasure, turn to teas from China. Darjeeling is a favorite
#191: Savor lighter teas in the evening. Green tea is a good choice because it has less caffeine. Or enjoy a decaffeinated tea or herbal tisane such as chamomile.
#192: When creating a great pot of tea, pour boiling water into the teapot and remember that small tea leaves will take less time to brew than large ones.

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