LittleMewBrew - July 2011 CelebriTEA

Little Mew Brew AKA WifeyWoman
CelebriTEA ©: July 2011

Real Name: Courtney Powers
AKA:   WifeyWoman & Little Mew Brew (Steepster/Twitter)
Blogs:  Little Mew Brew: http://littlemewbrew.teatra.de/
            The Many Tea Adventures of Wifey Woman http://wifeywoman.teatra.de/

Courtney Powers, of upstate New York, loves to blog, but admitted she has a hard time keeping up with the writing. “Seriously there are probably 50 blogs I’ve started, sitting out there in cyberspace.”
          But now that drinking tea has become an everyday part of her life, Courtney has blended her love of writing with her passion for tea.
          Her tea blogs are in their infancies; both began in the spring of 2011 and her tea company, Little Mew Brew is brand new as well. But Courtney’s love of tea has been a part of her life since she was seven years old.
          “My grandma would always visit us each summer from Florida and she drank tea with every meal,” Courtney explained. One morning young Courtney asked if she could join her grandmother, who served her tea chock full of milk and sweetener. A new tradition was born. “To this day when she visits or I visit her we always make time for tea,” Courtney said, adding that her grandmother prefers to use bagged teas while she opts for loose.
          Her two blogs serve different purposes. The Many Tea Adventures of Wifey Woman explores tea tasting, reviewing and other tea-related adventures, while Little Mew Brew is aimed towards her business venture of the same name. That blog focuses on her journey into blending her own teas as well as buying experiences as she launches her company. “I hope that too will be a how-to guide for others looking to get into the wonderful business of tea,” Courtney added.
          Of course she enjoys writing on both of the blogs. “I like writing the reviews on…Wifey Woman but I also like dropping in bits on my personal life and how tea fits into that life,” Courtney explained. She approaches the Little Mew Brew blog differently, however. “I like posting about my tea blending attempts. I keep it light and funny because that’s what it’s like for me.”
          Courtney does take her tea blending seriously, but keeps the fun level high so she’ll continue to enjoy blending tea.
          Her tea journeys have broadened her horizons, Courtney explained. “I used to like only herbal tisanes, but that got boring for me. So I branched out to good black teas.”
          Her favorite teas don’t stop there though.
          “I think each tea type holds a favorite for me,” Courtney said. “For example, I really enjoy a good Gunpowder Green. I’m also finding out that Earl Greys aren’t as scary as I once thought they were, nor oolongs.”
          She credits the amazing online tea community, such as Steepster.com, for helping her along the way. “I’m really thankful for all the Steepster folks who have shared their knowledge and tea with me in the last five months.”

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