A Tea Site to avoid - TEA Group

I hate to be a Negative Nancy, but this has to be said...

I'll never understand why companies, organizations, non-profits, and Facebook pages can get so nasty over free publicity. Wait? It's never really happened, that's right, until I stumbled onto the TEA Group, a Facebook page for folks who like tea.

I joined and posted a message that I would like to feature them on my blog. And there ends up being a nasty response that they don't do things like that with other businesses, a removal of my post, and ignoring my private message to them. Their, no, Gail Gastelu's nasty response to me:Gail Gastelu

SEPTEMBER BUSINESS POST: If you have a website related to tea, you are welcome to COMMENT on this post regarding your business website. No other promotional posts will be allowed outside of this area. Place your comment here.

As most of my readers know, I'm not paid to run this blog in any way - I don't even receive advertising money. I might get free samples of tea, but so do lots of other reviewers and teaists online. Maybe these Gail Gastelu person doesn't want healthy competition or something? You know, I'm starting to lose faith in people. Lately it seems people would rather be nasty than nice. So I'll respond in kind here.

Free publicity is just that. FREE. By the way, Tea House Times needs a layout update and unbiased articles. You are passing yourself off as a journalist, so you should at least try to the play the part.

My response to her poorly timed facebook blast on the facebook page?"OK, I was trying to help promote your page and asked to do a feature on my blog - which is something I am not paid to do, I receive no money from, and just want to help promote your site - and you delete my post and ignore my request? Classy and professional. Noted."

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