In Support of Japan

Last Updated: 3/19/11
During times of great need, you often see the best in people - and in this case, companies.

Many organizations around the globe are gearing up to help those affected by the terrible earthquake and tsunami in Japan. (My mother works for FEMA and they are getting ready to send supplies as well.) Even with the shape of our economy - which is less than ideal - there are still some acts of goodwill: donations to Red Cross and other organizations can help.

In the tea world, I've found some companies willing to go the extra mile. American Tea Room will donate 10% of all sales through March 31, 2011, to Peace Winds Japan and Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund, a unit of Global Giving. Click on the titles for more info. According to a post on steepster.com, the American Tea Room "has such a personal connection to Japan that we wanted to be able to help as well as raise awareness." Both groups also accept individual contributions.

Yogic Chai is donating 30 % of sales through March 31. Visit their Web site for more info or check out their newsletter at http://eepurl.com/cZfbY

Adagio will send 15% of sales on Japanese tea to the cause. Find more information here: http://www.adagio.com/green/japanese_relief.html?SID=4d97de1ed67644f479d301cf3a1970b7

Any other tea companies pitching in for the cause? Drop me a line: keenteathyme@gmail.com

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