2 Turtle Doves

Azzrian's exclusive Red Leaf Tea matcha - Strawberry Champagne; photo by Keen Tea Thyme
This is the second day of the Steepster 12 Days of Tea Christmas exchange and we're treated to an exclusive, new matcha blend by Azzrian (Steepster name). She enclosed a little wooden teaspoon and several specialty Dove chocolates - of course Dove chocolate for her day, Two Turtle Doves.

This was my first ever cuppa matcha. And we really had a rare treat. The matcha was Strawberry Champagne! :)

The second I opened the bag, the gorgeous scent took my breath away. So delish! I couldn't wait to brew it up!

I carefully followed directions, although I don't have a whisk (not even a baking one), so I spooned a little over 1/2 a teaspoon into one of my older infusers and "whisked" that around the 180 degree water, until it seemed to be blended enough. There were no chunks, and I got out a lot of the air bubbles (not that they would bother me).

As I was whipping the matcha up, that wonderful Strawberry and Champagne fragrance was so calming and delish. I couldn't want to get my tastebuds on the beverage!

Closeup on Azzrian's blend; photo by Keen Tea Thyme

Now I've never had matcha before. Let me be very clear in this disclaimer. NOT EVER have I had matcha. Try to lasso your surprise that a teaist like me was a match virgin! But from all the reviews - and praise! - on Steepster I knew Red Leaf Tea was one of, if not the, best in quality, flavoring and price.

I enjoyed this cuppa, but I'm not sure if I'm a matcha convert yet. I found I couldn't just gulp it down, like I could the first day's tea and basically any other tea I've had. Maybe this is a "side effect" of matcha? But the flavor was very unique and absolutely delicious, as I guessed from its intoxicating aroma.

Azzrian explained that she originally hunted down a Turtle (like the treat, not the animal!) tea to no avail. In doing research she discovered that turtle doves mate for life (isn't that sweet?!) so she got to thinking about romance...and hence, created the sensual Strawberries and Champagne blend by mixing both of the matchas together. I believe you can purchase this exclusive blend from Red Leaf Tea as well.

I kept smelling the bag randomly today; the scent is SO yummy! And I swear it helped ease my headache - something a chronic, almost daily migraine sufferer appreciates.

Thanks for a sexy and delish blend, Azzrian! (And I loved the description on the card plus the seal! I felt like I was in Game of Thrones or something! See photo.)

Azzrian's envelope seal - how cool is that?! Photo by Keen Tea Thyme

Now for Day Three I'm behind, as I was too sick to enjoy any tea today. So I will tackle Day Three and Day Four tomorrow at work. Stay tuned for those reviews soon...

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