Teaist Apprentice - In Search of Teas' Origins

I'm a writer by blood, by experience, by love. I wrote in diaries when I was a child - I didn't have a happy childhood, not that I was abused or anything. But I was bullied starting in middle school and through high school. (When I was younger I was best friends with all the popular kids, and friends with boys, so that helped.)

Being bullied at first broke me. I had always wanted people to like me, and I didn't understand why they would pick on me for being a tomboy, or reading on the bus, or writing in my journal. But eventually I learned to deal with it. That's what the real world is like - people make fun of those who are different, unique, etc.

This post isn't meant to be a pity party for me or anything. I like who I am now, and the experiences I went through helped me develop a thick skin and a quirky sense of humor. I can laugh at myself...and others. (We all do it. Come on. Admit it.)

As cheesy as this statement is, it's true: writing saved me. Writing saves me still. I love to write anything - I write up templates at work, and volunteer to take notes. I'm constantly trying to describe items and experiences in my head. I have story ideas written on napkins, business cards, sheets of paper, even a linen blotter (for your face, girls). I have a box full of story ideas.

I also enjoy hunting down a good story. Research is so exciting - you find new things and learn something new every day. At least I do. I loved journalism and miss being a reporter quite often. (Although I don't miss the pay. My new job pays much much better.)

ANYHOO - long story short (haha), I've decided to introduce you to our very own Teaist Apprentice, Ally. This fictional character will travel through history discovering the origins of tea in different cultures.

Ally will take questions too - post below your tantalizing tea questions, historical event inquiries and curiosity about tea ceremonies. We'll travel through time and learn all about teaism, as she undertakes a quest to become the next Teaist Apprentice.

Check out Part One where our story begins...

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