LocaliTEA - another new Keen idea

Starting in July, I'll have a new feature on Keen Tea Thyme. (I know, you're thinking, another one?!) But this is to replace the Ally adventures. Someone took some of that writing from my site and passed it off as her own - boo! - so I'm pulling the story. I will complete it and publish it in an e-book format, though, so don't despair. And if you have any questions for Ally, keep sending them in!

LocaliTEA will feature reviews of local tea shops - local to you, dear readers. (And me too.) I don't have very many in my community but I'm hunting them down.

Anyone can participate. Just let me know if you're interested. You'll need to complete the review yourself but I'll give you full credit (unlike the Ally-stealer!). You'll need to include a photo; please take it yourself or get permission to use another's image.

I'll start July off with one from my neck of the woods: Zen Tara Tea, in Bethesda, MD. I'd like to have at least one a month, and from all over.

If interested, e-mail me or post below.

Happy Hunting!


  1. The LocaliTEA sounds really neat! I'll help participate. What do you need for it? (Besides a photo.)

  2. Photo, your review (pros/cons) and anything else you'd like to suggest or say about the place. I'd like to keep these short and to the point, if possible. :) Thanks QG!