Teaist Apprentice - on hiatus

Dear Readers - 
One of my favorite features about this blog is the story of Ally - a fictional character embarking on a journey to become a Teaist Apprentice. I have been posting updates on her adventures weekly, but have to take a break due to health reasons.

Many of you know I suffer from migraines, and had a recent spinal injury. Consequently I am in a lot of pain lately. I am seeing a doctor next week to discuss surgery options.

In the meantime, I have to take it easy. I will still be posting and updating, but I am not feeling as creative as usual so I'm putting the Teaist Apprentice on hold. (Plus I'm on lots of medication for the pain.)

Ally will return in May. Look forward to the following posts, and much more:
  • participating in an authentic Japanese tea ceremony
  • discussing how the earthquake affected Japan's tea market
  • traveling to China to harvest tea crops 
  • learning India's tea culture
  • answering your questions 
Please continue to send questions for Ally to discuss in her adventures: keenteathyme@gmail.com, as well as suggestions for her travels. I appreciate all the feedback I've gotten so far! Thanks!

OK, that's a wrap. We'll see Ally in May! :)


  1. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Take care of yourself and get well soon!

  3. Hang in there!