Calling All Iced Tea Drinkers!

OK, so here's the deal. For years I've made iced tea using the Sun Tea method, or those Cold Brew bags, or even the instant mix from Crystal Light, which I still use. (Yes, I know, powdered mixes and all that...but I'm addicted to the raspberry lemonade, and now the green tea peach/mango. It's so easy to use at work...and, OK, when I'm being lazy at home.)

But I got these great iced tea flavors from the wonderful Frank over at 52teas and I can't figure out the best way to brew them!

I don't want to waste the packet, considering it's one packet per gallon and kinda expensive - although totally worth it in quality. I want to brew this up right! And I'd love to figure this out while it's still summertime... ;) My experiments with this haven't been going so well and I'm getting frustrated. Darn it, I wanna try that Plum tea from Frank's line!

So what's the best way to brew? Do you start by brewing it up with hot water and then cooling with colder water? Or do you cold brew it, meaning use cold water to brew? (I do this myself with some of the green rooibos varieties, but I'm not sure how it would work on plain or black teas.)

Please dish all! How do you brew?

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