Joy's Teaspoon debuts summer teas

Joy's Teaspoon, a Las Vegas-based tea company, was the very first company profile on Keen Tea Thyme. The wonderful Naomi Rosen, owner, agreed to be interviewed for the company profile and even sent me some of her teas to sample - all while very, very pregnant! Now that's tea devotion. :)

She was also one of the first to respond to my call for help on a story about this year's World Tea Expo, which ended up not working out (my story, I mean; the expo went off without a hitch). Next year I'll try again, and see about getting in touch with the expo folks...

Anyhoo... I've always got a spot in my heart for Naomi & Joy's Teaspoon. This month she's debuting some new summer teas and helping out less fortunate children in Sri Lanka. How does she do it?!

Check out her story about meeting up with a woman named Kumari and her husband Sumedha, owners of the Morawaka Estate in Southern Province, Sri Lanka. Morawaka Estate is a tea manufacturing company which produces some of the world's finest tea while employing thousands of local workers.

In Naomi's article, she discusses her first impression with Kumari and the terrific goodwill work the Morkawaka Estate does, not only for mankind but the world at large.

So she's helping out too - Joy's Teaspoon is offering two Morkawaka teas exclusively: Ceylon Morawaka OP1 and BOP1! (Click on the links to purchase.)

Other new teas available at Joy's Teaspoon include:
  • Blue Beauty Oolong: a blend of licorice root and ginger
  • Se Chung Oolong: a "colorful variety" of green, black and oolong teas with long-lasting infusability (Joy's Teaspoon recommends at least four infusions!)
There are also some new accessories in the "What's New" section. AND she's updated her Sale Section too. One of my Joy's Teaspoon staples, Perfect World, is on sale so I'm gonna have to place an order soon. :)

For more information about Joy's Teaspoon, visit the web site here or check out her blog, Joy's Jabberings. Her blog includes a journal from her experiences at the World Tea Expo!

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  1. I absolutely love se chung oolong. For some time I was a bit unsure exactly what it was, but I did some research and put together a page on se chung oolong on RateTea.net that explains more. Basically, se chung encompasses all oolongs from Anxi county other than Tie Guan Yin.

    I have tried quite a lot of se chung, including both generic blends and specific varietals (se chung encompasses many different varietals). Even many of the generically-labelled Se Chung oolongs can be delightful, and they tend to be much more reasonably priced than Tie Guan Yin.