Back-to-School Contest

It's time for another Keen Contest! Since there were no entries in the August contest - for the Toasted Marshmallow pouch - there will be TWO pouches to give away at the end of this contest: the Toasted Marshmallow pouch and Autumn's Walk.

What do you have to do to enter? Tell your favorite back-to-school story by emailing me. Deadline to enter is September 23, 2011 - so you've got almost a month.

I'll post all the stories by Sept. 25 and we'll vote for the top two winners - BOTH will win BOTH pouches, so there's two chances to win. Voting will be done strictly by readers, I'll only moderate. Winners will be announced by the end of September, just in time for the October contest.

The Rules:
1) One entry per person, per contest.
2) Word limit is 750 words total, not including a title, nor your name.
3) Keep it clean, folks.
4) The story must be your own, no plagiarism. Don't mess with me on this one!
5) Have fun!

Send entries to me at keenteathyme@gmail.com, and include a statement that it is OK for me to publish your story, giving you full credit of course. I'll post entries once a week and repost all of them right before voting.

Voting will begin Sept. 25 - instructions will be provided then.

Good luck, have fun, and happy brewing!

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