Instant Tea is Most Popular? (August poll results)

It's September, finally! I'm happy for the end of summer - no more humidity, so perhaps less migraines?

Here are the results of August's poll, "How Do You Brew Your Iced Tea?" (Please note, multiple answers could be selected.)

42% of you said you use a cold brew nylon bag, like those offered by Culinary Teas (their mint green iced tea variety is an annual tea cupboard staple).

Another 42% of you said you use another type of cold brew bags. 54% said they use an instant tea variety - such as adding a packet to bottled water or an 8 oz glass. 14% are old school and prefer Sun Tea; another 14% use a Mr. Tea-type brewing machine.

I typically enjoy Sun Tea - but haven't this year. It's been so humid I didn't want to risk it! Thank goodness for the new cold brew alternatives! :)

Be sure to vote in September's poll - Which tea do you drink to welcome autumn? Send me your reasons why for a chance to be a September pollster!

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