Revoke Homerrun and/or ESP Tea?

So back in February I purchased a Homerrun deal - similar to ebates and groupon. It was for $20 worth of tea for $10 from ESP Emporium (tea)_.

As you'd expect someone with a tea blog, I've got a crapload of tea! So I didn't really think about using the code until recently.

I just tried to place an order with them, and ESP told me the coupon was expired! WTF?

So I'm emailing both Homerrun and ESP to figure out what's going on. The coupon said I had until Sept. 1.

I've never had this happen with groupon, although, come to think of it, I think one of those expires soon too. I guess this is how they can make money... people like me buy them and never use them.

But I'm annoyed. I haven't tried ESP tea before and with all the tea companies out there with great customer service - and no false promises - I may have to revolt against them... although, maybe it's not their fault.

Stay tuned. I'll let you know which - Homerrun, ESP, or both - are revoked from Keen Tea Thyme.

In the meantime, I did remove Homerrun from my list of Tea Scores and More. It can't be trusted...not yet.

Not a good way to start the week. I need tea...and a nap.


  1. It's a shame that most mid-sized tea companies behave like drug dealers rather than beverage distributors. The biggest problem are those mid-sized distributors that aren't big enough to behave like a professional corporation and aren't small enough to be humble, The-Customer's-Always-Right-type businesses.
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  2. I would be persistent with both sites. There was clearly some sort of miscommunication...you engaged in an honest business deal and someone else messed up, so it is reasonable for you to either receive a refund of your purchase, or receive the tea.

    I have found that continuing to press both companies involved, but being as respectful as possible, usually gets me somewhere when I've been in situations like this.

    People make mistakes and it's good to not assume that something malicious is going on. Usually, because most companies care about their reputation, if you are persistent, once they figure out what situation you're really in, they'll scramble to fix the situation!

    Good luck!