Congrats to Uniquity - October 2011 Winner!

Here is Uniquity's (Tiffany) story about Halloween memories. She won two pouches of tea: Liquid Candy Corn and Vampire Lemonade. You can win free tea too! Head over to the November contest to see how! :)

"Hallowe’en has long been one of my favourite holidays – I know it’s not a “real” one, but I love it. My parents split when I was very young and all the religious holidays (Christmas, Easter) were a bit stressful. Hallowe’en, though, was the night of imagination! I was very fortunate that when I was younger my father made all my costumes from scratch – no matter howsilly. I had a wonderfully constructed horse one year (the face constructedwith Styrofoam and a bicycle helmet!), Princess Jasmine, Pocahontas and the ‘Funshine’Care Bear are other notable examples. He even bought and altered a weddingdress from a thrift store for me the year I was to be a princess.

While I don’t have a favourite Hallowe’en specifically, I do have great memories of my trips with my father. One particular house had an owl set up in the front yard every year that I held detailed conversations with. As with many childhood events, I’ve only realized as an adult that a microphone and speaker system was involved. Nonetheless, my father was sure to bring me by that house every year to converse with my favourite owl friend.

I have pictures chronicling every year’s costume and every year’s Jack-O-Lantern – another favourite trend that I still continue is drawing out pumpkin ‘options’ beforehand. My father would draw 5 or 6 differentpotential faces to carve and I was allowed to pick or alter them as desired. It might seem strange to plan out Jack-O-Lanterns, but I loved it! Now that it is October, I am already thinking about what I can create this year..."

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! :)

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