French Vanilla Bean (Black Tea) by The Persimmon Tree

French Vanilla Bean black tea by The Persimmon Tree/photo by Keen Tea Thyme

The Persimmon Tree French Vanilla Bean Black Tea

With snow falling outside yesterday it was the perfect time to try a piping hot tea from The Persimmon Tree, a Southern California-based tea company. I grew up in San Diego and during the winter I miss the warm weather, beaches and palm trees even more, so trying a tea from the area was a no-brainer.
            I opted for French Vanilla Bean, a black tea. The dry leaves smelled vaguely of vanilla marshmallow – sweet and fluffy. While it brewed, the vanilla aroma deepened to vanilla cookies.
But by the time my tastebuds hit the first sip, I was in for a full-on vanilla bean treat – almost like melted vanilla bean ice-cream in a cup. And since I can’t eat most ice creams this was even more of a treat for me!
            I didn’t add any sugar in the first infusion, but for the second one I decided to try it with clear rock sugar. I didn’t want to lose or mix up the vanilla flavor. In my opinion the rock sugar enhanced the vanilla bean taste, offering a delicate balance to what could have a sweetness overload.
            I “only” got two infusions from the leaves – but I did steep both for at least four minutes each infusion, as I tend to like a bold, brisk cuppa for a black tea.
            Next I brewed up a second round (but a third hot cuppa). Also I should note that the first two infusions were at 212 degrees, as per usual with black teas, but I tried the second round at 195 degrees (the oolong setting on my kettle) and the result was about the same. I skipped the sugar but poured it over ice. Delish! I’m sticking with the hot variety in the winter but in the summer this will be an even cooler, sweeter treat.
            I did a little research on The Persimmon Tree and found out that not only are they from near my hometown (and where my heart resides!) but they are environmentally-friendly. They use a lot of recycled products in their labels and shipping supplies and encourage recycling. This is important to me personally, so I happily support a tea company with similar views as mine! Plus their tea comes in cute little tins you can either refill with tea or recycle in other ways: store change, keep pens and pencils in, use them to store other office supplies in your home office or even your junk drawer.

            Want to try French Vanilla Bean tea? Order before 2/8/13 and score 10% off your purchase with code: KeenTeaThymeFVB.

            And stay tuned to Keen Tea Thyme for more reviews! Don't forget to stop by The Persimmon Tree Facebook page for more information including coupons, news and more.

French Vanilla Bean black tea by The Persimmon Tree dry leaves/photo by Keen Tea Thyme

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