Got a Teaist on Your Holiday Shopping List?

It can be a challenge to shop for a teaist: what teas do they like? What teas do they want to try? What teas do they already have?! Should I opt for teaware?! Forget it, I'll get a gift card.

Before you completely panic and opt for the gift card, check out this handy guide to holiday-happy deals - which are also easy on the wallet. Readers of this blog post will be treated to special codes and generous helpings of free samples.

Rachel Carter, owner of iHeartTeas.com, got in the Christmas spirit early; she created Santa Sampler bags a few weeks ago - which have been selling well. Readers of this post can score one for 25% off - use code SecretSanta25. Expires 12/19/11 so hurry! (See photo for example of the bag.)

Copyright iHeartTeas/used with permission

Rachel first got started by selling Rescued from Retirement blends - you may know her from that initiative. But she began making her own blends in time for the holiday season; try her Strawberry Island for a tropical escape, perfect in chilly winter months.

The best part about iHeartTeas.com is that Rachel won't sell a tea she hasn't tried herself. "Teas and tea people are my passion," Rachel explained. "You won't get anything less than that amazing customer service and teas from me."

Photo by Butiki Teas/used with permission
Stacy Lim, owner of Butiki Teas, has lots of offerings too. Mention this post or me when you order and she'll make sure to include plenty of free samples. For holiday shopping on a budget, check out Butiki Teas' holiday gifts - which include an ounce tea and a holiday buddy (penguin or reindeer - see photo).

Stacy explained that shoppers can also make their own personalized gift baskets, for less than $25, or check out their holiday tins. Butiki Teas has several new holiday teas available, ready to make your mouth water: Cider Guayusa, Winter Fire Guayusa and Pumpkin Creme Brulee.

"Recently Butiki Teas has shifted focus on unique and rare teas," Stacy added. "There are some very unique teas in our selection. We also have a number of unique flavored teas with high quality base teas. For instance, our Pistachio Ice Cream uses a lovely organic Mao Jian base." Butiki Teas works with natural flavors and organic ingredients when possible - plus all of their teas are vegan-friendly. Orders will shop within 48 hours, although most ship within 24 hours, said Stacy.

I also have my own shop, with a 30% off code, HOLIDAZE. My shop is here: http://keenteathyme.teatra.de/ (Yes this is self-serving, I realize that, but I'm featuring others here too.) I offer two holiday-themed teas: Merry Christmas and Let it Snow. Both can be purchased with a mug or a tin. Visit my site for more info.

Anyone else wish to be included in my 2011 Holiday Guide?  Or is there a company you'd like to see featured? Email me - keenteathyme@gmail.com or follow me on Twitter, @keenteathyme

Happy Holidays! :)

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