Company Profile on Hold

Hey readers,
Since July is a busy month for me - vacations, volunteering, etc, I will actually not be featuring a company profile for July. Instead I will feature a profile for August/Sept., then Oct/Nov. I'll skip December as well, since it's usually a crazy time too. Then we'll be back on the regular schedule in January (Jan/Feb, March/April, May/June, etc).

A CelebriTEA will be featured in the next few days, however, and her profile will run through the beginning of August. Who is this month's CelebriTEA? HINT: she just started her own tea company and she loves cats. :)

If you're interested in being featured as a CelebriTEA - which features your tea-related blog and a little bit about yourself, including why you blog about tea - please give me a shout: email me or post below.

Happy Summer!

1 comment:

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