Frank @ 52teas has a way with tea

Those at Steepster know the power and wonder of the wonderful Frank, who is THE tea blender at 52teas.com, as well as the proprietor of Zoomdweebie's, a popular tea bar in the Midwest.

Frank has created all kinds of wonderful blends: Pancake Breakfast, Strawberry Pie (honeybush), Coconut Cheesecake (honeybush) and many, many others. He blends one new, unique tea each week - hence the name "52teas." The catch? Each are available in a limited run, so you have to jump on the ones you want until they are gone for good. (Sometimes you can beg him to reblend in the steepster forums, but most of the teas are limited edition.)

Frank does have a permanent collection of blends - those which proved to be popular among online retailers and in his shop. (You can find Strawberry Pie there and it is divine!)

Frank and his awesome power with honeybush teas will be featured on this blog in the future, but right now I have spoken with him about featuring his weekly creations here. He was happy to oblige, so starting this week you can view his creations here; click on the images and you'll be transported to his site where you can purchase the blends. Make sure you mention you heard about the blend here. :)

  • Week of April 18 Blend: Autumn

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  1. He certainly does have a way with teas. I just tried his Caramel Apple Honeybush last night = divine!