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“Simply Helping People” – how one man’s quest to save his life became an internationally reknown tea company

By Carolynne Keenan/Keen Tea Thyme

Who knew that one man’s quest to save his life would eventually take root as a successful international tea company?
In 1977, Sir Jason Winters (known then as simply “Jason Winters”) was given terrible news – he had merely months to live before his body succumbed to cancer.
But Winters had an incredible will to live – and found a way to live well into the 21st century.
When he was 46, the Englishman was diagnosed with terminal cancer called squamous cell carcinoma. Basically, he had a tumor wrapped around a vein in his neck and it was killing him. He underwent five weeks of cobalt radiation treatment, and doctors pressed him to have radical neck surgery – including the removal of his tongue, jaw bone and neck muscles.
Winters refused, and began a search to find an alternative to losing such a large amount of his face and neck. He traveled to Mexico and began receiving Laetrile injections, a product made from crushed apricot pits. This worked – for a time, as the tumor began to shrink.
But a few weeks later the tumor returned with a vengeance, and Winters turned to religious books, which referenced using different types of herbs blended into medicines.
Many of those herbs, at the time, were not available in England – but Winters didn’t care. He searched the globe for the herbs locating them finally in the US, England and Singapore. Once he found them, he blended them into a tea and brewed up a cup.
Winters began experiencing remission after drinking the tea regularly for a few weeks. Within months, the tumor was gone. And from there the legend was born.
His herbal blend became known as Jason Winters Herbal Blend and he eventually formed an internationally renowned tea company. Before his death in 2004, Winters was knighted in Malta; wrote numerous books (including his autobiography detailing his miraculous recovery); appeared in radio, television and newspapers; and spoke to millions worldwide.
His son, Sir Raymond Winters, has followed in his father’s footsteps, as he is co-founder and president of Tri-Sun International/Sir Jason Winters products (SJW).
But Sir Jason Winters never intended to create an international company. “We never really envisioned an international selling brand,” Sir Raymond Winters said. “My father just wanted to save his life.”
What began as simply a tea product has morphed into an entire healthy living campaign with a variety of products. “Always check with your healthcare provider first before starting anything new,” Sir Raymond Winters said. In addition, SJW are not meant to replace any cancer treatment, but could be used in conjunction with treatments. Testimonials are available on the SJW Web site, as well as online. Cancer-free and/or otherwise healthy people who enjoy tea may want to try the blend (and the flavored versions) as a healthier alternative to just “plain” tea.
Those new to the product line, Sir Raymond Winters suggested trying the Classic Blend first, as “this was the original tea blend formulated by Sir Jason Winters over 30 years ago.”
SJW’s product line includes both loose tea and bagged tea, plus numerous vitamin and herbal supplements.
The tea is pre-brewed. Why? “This process makes it easier and quicker to brew the tea,” Sir Raymond Winters explained. “If we just cut up the loose tea and put [it] into bags this does not brew very well.”

Currently the tea selection is Jason Winters green, oolong and herbal tisanes, he added. “We try and offer new natural flavored teas as customers request them.”
In addition to teas, in Japan the company uses the Jason Winters blend in ice cream, bread and cookies. “We have many ideas,” Sir Raymond Winters said. “But [we] try to keep my father’s vision in mind…to help people.”
The products are available on the SJW Web site, as well as some health food stores, pharmacies and grocery stores. For more information, visit http://sirjasonwinters.com/ and
http://sirjasonwinters.com/catalog.htm (download online version or request print copy).

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Images Used with Permission/Copyright preserved

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