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"If Life is a Party, Make it a Tea Party."

There’s a mad tea party going on right now and you’re invited. Who is the host of this fun event? Madam Potts – of Mad Pots of Tea!

What is this madness, you ask? Just the genius behind the only tea seller (that I could find) who creates teas based on your PersonaliTEA.

Crazy fun, eh? Just log on to her site: http://www.madpotsoftea.com/ and click on the “PersonaliTEA” tab. Answer some questions about yourself and ta-da! Madam Potts, as she is known, offers a selection of teas that fit your personality. While she has crafted over 120  blends, not all of them are always in stock. About eight or nine of the blends are on display, to showcase her blending power.

And yes, she does blend her own tea.” I work with a number of vendors, though primarily I use a small organic wholesaler for 90% of my ingredients,” she explains. “I couldn’t own enough farm land to grow the variety of teas, herbs, roots and flowers that go into my blends!”

Formerly from the bustle of NYC and the theater community, Madam Potts settled into a slower-paced town to focus on her company. “There are a lot of websites out there selling tea, so I didn’t want to do that,” Madam Potts said. “Creating a custom tea using the PersonaliTEA process is very different because it can’t be taught or copied.  I take random clues about the things you like and turn those clues into a tea blend.  The focus of the website is the PersonaliTEA form where people engage in a series of fun questions that give me clues as to what kind of tea blend to make for them. “

Mad Pots of Tea isn’t just an online phenomenon. Her blends have been purchased by local tea houses, and she’s even created custom blends for musicians – music is another of her passions. “Some of the musicians I’ve blended for are beginning to sell tea at their shows. Mad Pots of Tea goes on tour with them!” she added.

How did this company get started? In this case, the name was created before the company. As part of her pre-tea life, Madam Potts directed theater, and included a now familiar phrase in her program bio. Madam Potts said the bio wrote, “when she’s not directing theater, she can be found frolicking about the city and brewing mad pots of tea.” Little did she  realize this phrase ‘mad pots of tea’ would usher her into the next phase of her life.

Tea has always been a passion for Madam Potts. “I insisted that anyone who came over to my house try whatever concoction I had just blended.  People would usually reply that they didn’t like tea, only to try it and like it. I realized that most people have a very narrow idea of what tea could be.  It then became a challenge to see if I could make a blend that someone would like every single time. So when I started my company, that became my focus.”

Madam Potts loves the friendships and experiences she's enjoyed over many cups of tea. "Tea has infused my life by connecting me with people around the world," she said. "I can’t begin to tell you the number of people I have met, sat with, sipped tea with, connected with, became friends with, and even traveled around the world to meet - all due to our shared love of the steeped leaf. "

You're invited to share in the mad tea party too. Log on to her site and check out her blends - personalized tea for a truly custom, one-of-a-kind blend. And when in doubt, just follow Madam Potts motto: “My mission and message is  ‘tea is Fun and it’s meant to be shared.’” Definitely words to live by.

Quick Notes - Mad Pots of Tea:
Web site: http://www.madpotsoftea.com/index.php/
Blog: http://www.teaguru.blogspot.com/
Steepster: http://steepster.com/companies/mad-pots-of-tea
Twitter: @madampotts
Facebook: /MadamPotts

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