Escape to...Strawberry Island!

There are new tea things popping up at Rachel Carter’s tea site: iHeartTeas.com – including her first, exclusive blend Strawberry Island.
           Rachel recently took a trip to Maine, bringing back memories – and sample sets of teas from Maine-based tea shops. Dobrá, Jacqueline’s Tea Room (with two sample packs), Bar Harbor Tea Company, Homegrown Herb & Tea all have selections available in her new shop. Plus she’s expanding her site to include teaware – coming soon she’ll have a cute set of small black and white tea cups.
            She’s taking on new ventures, too, such as offering a new feature on brewing methods – including a must-read article on how she made her Matcha – and Rachel said she’s focusing her time on many, many new reviews.
            But the most exciting news at iHeartTeas is Rachel’s new tea blend – created exclusively for and by Rachel herself! She mixed strawberry, coconut and vanilla black teas to create a tropical escape, Strawberry Island.
            Stay tuned as Strawberry Island is bound to be just the first in a whole slew of iHeartTeas blends, created by one of the tea community’s top tea tasters.
            “I am so happy I am able to do this…and it comes so naturally,” Rachel explained.
            Top on her list of Tea Priorities is a possible grand re-opening of her site (keep Keen Tea Thyme bookmarked as we’ll have the latest news). Rachel is also selling teas on Zibbet.com.
            Family always comes first for Rachel and iHeartTeas, but that’s one thing she loves about her tea business – that she can be a full-time Mom and a full-time Teaist, at the same time.

Find Rachel & iHeartTeas by visiting one of the links below:

www.iHeartTeas.com - Tea Shop & Blog


  1. Thanks, I did not know about Rachel Carter or this business, and I just connected with her or twitter!

  2. Alex - Rachel is not only a good friend, but a great tea seller. I highly recommend iHeartTeas! (And not just because she's a total sweetheart and friend...)