1 "Partridge in a Pear Tree" Tea

Eight Treasures Yabao Winter Blend by Autumn Hearth; photo by Keen Tea Thyme

Eight Treasures Yabao Winter Blend by Autumn Hearth (Steepster username)
This is the first blend from the 12 Days of Christmas tea,  1 "Partridge in a Pear Tree" tea. I admit I ripped into this one greedily, with wild abandon. But I didn't try it until today, promise!

(The 12 Days of Christmas exchange randomly paired one of 11 fellow Steepsterites with one of the 12 Days of Christmas song. We had to either blend or match a tea to "our" day and explain why we picked or blended a particular tea.)

I did smell the dry leaves and immediately was intrigued. It's spicy and earthy at the same time, a rare feat. After brewed, it tastes very similar to how it smells - which I love. (That's why I can't stand most coffees. They never taste as nice as they smell!)

Autumn Hearth explains she wanted not a "pear tea" but a "pear tree tea" and kudos to her for thinking outside the box and not saddling us with a pear tea - not that that would be bad or anything. I just applaud her creativity.

This blend includes tropical touches - papaya and pineapple pieces, along with citrus slices - and an amazing assortment of herbal ingredients including holy basil, organic juniper, organic burdock root and elderberry, plus a touch of vanilla. The base tea is a blend of yabao and jasmine green teas. Additional flavors include passion fruit, lemon balm and natural flavoring.

This is such a fragrant cuppa! I've really taken my time with this one, as every sip seems like a brand new cuppa. If she sold this (HINT HINT) it would be a pantry staple. Actually I believe the base tea is available from Verdant Tea, and she added the pear touches. Still I couldn't imagine this without the sweet fruit to cut the earthy tones.

This is a great way to kick off our tea exchange. Thanks Autumn Hearth for a fab blend! :)

Eight Treasures Yabao Winter Blend by Autumn Hearth; lid and tin; photo by Keen Tea Thyme


  1. I am about to try mine! Nice blog post! Thanks.

  2. Yeah Eight Treasures Yabao is definitely Verdant Tea, please don't give me the credit for that ;) But I'm glad the addition of fruit was successful. It is delicious without though!

  3. Oh and the yabao, jasmine and goji berry in Eight Treasures already make it sweet, I added the extra wild arbor pu'erh, so the original would actually be less earthy. Worth at least ordering a sample size of!

  4. thanks for sharing.