3 French Hens


Day Three of 12 Days of Christmas tea exchange

LiberTEAS included three teas in a cute purple egg. I tried the first two, but haven't gotten to the third one yet.

1) Cafe Vanilla by Della Terra Teas
The aroma is sweet, like vanilla bean ice cream. It's not an artificial vanilla flavor at all. Della Terra Teas are always so flavorful and this is no exception.
The taste is crisp with a hint of extra sweetness on the edge of the sip. It makes me want to lick my lips! The flavor balances well with the black tea taste. The black tea isn't astringent. It's as if a vanilla candy or chip is melting in my mouth.
I expect nothing less from Della Terra Teas! This has to be one of the best vanilla teas I've ever had.

2) French Canadian Maple Tea from Tealicious Tea Co
The dry leaves have a hint of maple, which I love. (I love maple fudge and maple candies, potentially because I am from upstate New York!) This reminds me vaguely of how Pancake Breakfast's aroma is. Once it's brewed, I lose a lot of its maple-y goodness. Almost as if the maple flavor was rushed or pressed out. It lingers but isn't a solid taste.

3) French Blend (green and black teas) New Mexico Tea Co
Not much to say on this one yet. Dry leaves just smell like tea. Will try soon and update. :)

Loved the card she included - and the purple egg!

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