Quest for Earl Grey

It's begun. The Quest to Conquer EG Fears.

I'm an Earl Grey (EG) rookie, but it's time I finally branch out into bergamot and start enjoying the pleasures of this watery fruit loop tea.

OK, I'll be nicer to it once it starts tasting better.

List your fave EG varieties below and why. I'll link up to any reviews I do and may even try some based on your  opinions.

The first EG I tried after YEARS of shunning was the Earl Grey Moonlight by Adagio.
...I am typically NOT an Earl Grey fan, and maybe that distinction yields my appeased tastebuds. Overall, I love the combination of creamy vanilla and citrusy bergamot. A friend of mine who adores Earl Grey can’t stand it – she says the medley is too unlike Earl Grey to take it seriously. And I think that’s why I like it! :) I also added a bit of Splenda (two packets) because the bergamot flavor was too strong for me at first.

  • Take a LeviTEA break to ponder: "Grey" can be spelled two ways - also with an "a," "Gray" - but when it comes to Earl Grey, I rarely see it with the "a." Why is that?

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