SerendipiTEA - Tea Mantras

While working on my "tea calming" post, I came across some fun phrases re: tea. Here are some of the photos. I'm taking the easy way out on this post, guys, sorry. But feel free to add your personal tea mantras below.

The blog I found this pic from has some other great items. Check out the felt tea cups. I love it! :)


I sincerely hope there was more tea in the cup... but I'm a pessimist; it's half empty.

I typed "tea mantras" into Google images...as a teaist can I say how sick I am of the Tea Party? I don't mean any cute little girls' b-day parties, or ladies dressed for high tea. I don't mean us - fellow teaists swapping thoughts and discussions on tea. I mean the stupid political part. UGH.

Got any other pics of your tea mantras? Share below.

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