Results of the Brewing Question

The results are in on my poll... thanks to all who voted! Please check out the latest poll - what sweetener do you add to your tea?

The results are posted below; remember, you could vote for multiple items. I will do my best to get as much info as you guys wanted here. I'm not in debt with student loans for an investigative journalism degree for nothing! :)

The results:

  • 50% of you said you wanted to see tea reviews. I do a lot of reviews on steepster.com, and I don't want to compete with the lovely SororiTEA sisters, but I'll post some reviews. 
  • 25% of you said you wanted fun stuff - puzzles, games, etc. I've got a tea crossword I will be posting in the month of April, and a few more puzzles/riddles. 
  • And 62% each wanted histories of tea, interviews with master blenders and shop owners, and recipes.
    • I've got plenty of interviews lined up. I love talking to people about their companies...and for some odd reason they like talking about them too! As for the histories of tea, stay tuned to the weekly installment of Teaist Apprentice, my fictional adventure into the world of tea.
If there's anything else you think my blog needs, e-mail me. I will be better about updating it daily, I blame my evil spine for getting hurt somehow and the muscle relaxers that bend reality...

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