Welcome - we are live!

It's official! Keen Tea Thyme is awake, live and active so let's roll!

What kinds of things can you find here? So far, there have been some investigations - as well as some commentary - on a few items: the new Tea Trade Web site and why rooibos gives us headaches, for example. Please feel free to leave your comments on both!

Most important to mention is the Battle between bagged tea and loose. Check out the post today; post your comments, pros and cons of both, if there are "better" bags for the environment, etc. This year-long battle begins today so let's get started!

Alice's Tea Party has a few "guests" - check out the teas available in the theme. Post any other Alice related teas you find.

Take the poll to let me know what else you want to see here! (Poll located on the right-hand side of the screen.)

Also, since it is officially March 1 and this blog is active, it's time for the March/April contest - tea haiku! Post away and vote on your favorites. Winner receives either a gift certificate for tea or a selection of tea (details still being worked out).

What you can expect in the next few weeks...
-Irish Breakfast: St. Patty's Day & tea history (article)
-Joy's Teaspoon company profile - who's behind this new tea company?
-Tea-stain art - what is it? Check back to see what this brilliant Canadian artist is doing next.
-More bargains and tea scores, updated weekly so check back often
-A Tea Word Search - by the end of March
-For the Environment: which tea bags are best for Mother Earth
-Tea leaf readings (for fun, based on the kind of tea you enjoy) will begin in April
-So much more!

Is there something else this blog needs? Let me know! E-mail me at keenteathyme@gmail.com

Enjoy your "thyme" here, all of you "keen" on tea!

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