RealiTEA: Tea in the News: Honest Tea uses Coca-Cola acquisition to its advantage

There is always something new and exciting in the realm of tea, one of the world's oldest beverages: new companies, new products, or just a new way of using tea/tea leaves. That's where RealiTEA comes in.

RealiTEA: Week of March 4, 2011
Maryland-based company, Honest Tea, was recently bought by conglomerate Coca-Cola, and already has plans on how to reach new audiences.

According to a press release from Honesttea.com, Coca-Cola acquired a minority stake in the company back in 2008, but had the option to acquire the company in its entirety later on. This week Coca-Cola decided to buy the remaining portion of the company.

But don't think the takeover will result in the end of Honest Tea. In fact, the company is developing a new beverage brewed from cocoa beans, according to an article in the Atlantic Journal Constitution. The article also points out plans to create a lemonade sweetened with stevia.

Honest Tea was founded over 10 years ago and continues to be one of the nation's leading organic bottled tea companies, according to the release and the Web site. Honest Tea gets its name from the ingredient list of their product: tea and natural flavors are the only components in the beverage. The company insists on adding no artificial sweeteners to their products.

On a personal note, I discovered Honest Tea in college, and enjoyed the alternative to soda when writing research papers, or I'd reward myself with one after completing an exam. I've been a fan since.

If you haven't tried Honest Tea yet, I'd recommend starting with the Mango Green Tea or Peach Black Tea which are available in recycled plastic bottles. There are other varieties in the product line such as Honest Ade (I recommend Orange Mango with Mangosteen) and Honest Tea in glass bottles, which includes Moroccan Mint tea (the very first Honest Tea I ever tried), as well as kid-friendly versions.

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