Using an Electric Tea Kettle

OK, I'm really bad about spending gift cards.  I want to wait for the PERFECT thing, or a sale or something to truly take advantage of the, well, free money.

So last year I bought this tea kettle from Russell Hobbs on a great deal at Macy's (using the gift card, of which there is still some $$.)

I am finally using it. Tonight. Over a year later. {insert laughter here}

Here are some pics. I brewed up Peppermint tea from Teavana, because it's late in the evening and I love peppermint when I've got a migraine (which is slowly turning into just a headache). It works pretty well. It doesn't have special times for certain types of tea, but I like that I can brew up a whole pot of peppermint tea, keep it warm and nurse my headache. (I will be watching reruns of Still Standing to help as well.)

Need more info? Check it out on Amazon.com: Electric Kettle by Russell Hobbs.

Russell Hobbs Kettle before (please ignore wine glass)
With Peppermint Tea a'brewin'


  1. Perfect size tea kettle for one! I've been using a larger kettle, but it always takes so long to heat up, this smaller size heats my water much faster. The red color is bright, adding a pop of color to my kitchen. The kettle whistles nice and loud when boiling, I appreciate that because I get distracted easily. Happy with my purchase!

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