Mirror, Mirror

I've decided to give Tea Trade a chance - Pete, one of the creators, was polite enough to accept an interview and explain how the site works. Stay tuned for that article very soon...

I will be mirroring my blog on Tea Trade to reach more audiences.

Now, a note about the selling aspect. More information will be available soon, as I am writing an article about the site and Pete will be posting FAQ as an FYI. I will participate in the selling - however, I will not sell teas acquired in a tea swap. I still can't shake the weird feeling I get from that. (Sorry Pete.)

Instead I will sell my own blends such as Yay Me (soon to be renamed), and some "leftover" Adagio signature blends. I've gotten requests from folks on steepster.com for some of my blends, so I figured I would do this. The blends will be inexpensive, don't worry - mainly just need to cover the cost of shipping. I hope to begin posting blends by April/May.

 I still want to participate in Tea Swaps and the like. So if you want to swap teas, check out my cupboard at steepster.com, as I update it regularly - and let me know! :)

Happy Sipping!

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