First Cuppa Tea...

Do you remember the first cup of tea you ever had? If you've been drinking tea for years - like me - it's not likely, unless you have some kinda super memory brain. :) But what about your first memories of tea? Did you have a tea ritual?

For example, I can remember coming home from school and making a cup of Constant Comment, Cinnamon Stick or Mint Medley (from Bigelow). I'd sip while munching on popcorn, my favorite after-school snack. (Side note: does anyone remember Pop Quiz popcorn? The bags were what we now call snack-size, and the butter was different colors: blue, green, pink. Same color in each bag. The bags had trivia questions on them... My husband swears I am making this up but I swear this did exist! Help me out, please, teasters.)

I would sip while doing my homework, stealing sugar cubes from the porcelain container they were stowed away in the cupboard. I didn't usually put the sugar IN the tea; I would suck on the cubes. I have a mega sweet-tooth. There is a family story about me hiding an open sugar packet in my sock when I was little. All you have to say is "Sugar packet" to my mom and she'll tell you the story, with tears of laughter in her eyes.

I digress.

Tea was - and is - a big part of my life. Once I got into brewing loose tea, making it became a fun experience. Now I enjoy my own little ritual. When I arrive at work, I get the water ready, grab a filter bag and make my cup of chai or whatever I am feeling at the moment. At home I do the same thing, finding peace and comfort in the routine. It's "me" time... it's a minute in which I don't have to think about work or anything else stressful, just enjoying the tea brewing.

Share your tea routine.

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