OK, Crazy Keenan is gone

I was annoyed, pissed yesterday! But that crazy woman has left the building. I am enjoying a cup of Pancake Breakfast tea and am searching for news articles. Later today I'll post the continuation of Ally's adventures in Tea-land as she becomes the first Teaist Apprentice.

Right now it's just me and this awesome blend by 52teas.

Pancake Breakfast Black Tea (posted on Steepster)
YAY! I returned to work this morning to find my 52teas order awaiting my arrival. I tore into this tea first and I gotta say, this is a new favorite! I was careful about steeping time, after reading the other reviews. I steeped no more than 3 minutes (work be damned!). I taste maple syrup (the good kind, not the table syrup), butter and buttermilk pancakes! So unique, so Frank. This is SO good! I added one packet of Splenda, which enhanced the goodness of flavors, I think. I’m reminded of my Oma’s pancakes – without the calories. Wonderful, delicious, savory. I’m in heaven! This should be a permanent part of the 52teas collection!

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  1. Pancake Breakfast Tea....I like the mad crazy idea behind that. Will have to try it!