WTF, Steepster?

Something is up with steepster today. For some reason I was unable to log in, so I tried to reset my password. Nothing. Annoying.

Maybe I will start my own tea rating/review site! Take that!

I was about 10 notes away from 200!

I am tempted to blog in ALL CAPS but I shouldn't be mad at you, dear reader(s). It's just irritating and I have a migraine so everything annoys me easily.

Also, I was home sick today and watched a lot of Tosh.0. Dammit, you, I am turning into a fan. He's pretty funny. Definitely funnier than that Steve guy from The Office (who is leaving, you know, the 40-year-old virgin), and funnier than David Letterman. Not as funny as Jim Gaffigan though. The Gaff wins.

See, when you have to listen to me blog about everything besides tea, it's not nearly as fun. :(

WTF, Steepster?! WTF!?

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  1. I would not be too hard on people who run interactive websites. I have not had any trouble with RateTea.net recently, but a few weeks after launching the site, the server's hard drive died, and that site (along with all my other sites hosted on the server) were completely inaccessible. Everything was backed up, but the problem was hard to diagnose and it was almost a full day before it was back. I ended up giving up and just setting up a new virtual server which has been in operation since.

    If you look at any interactive website, large or small, even when people work hard to do everything right, something is always going to go wrong.

    I think what matters in the end is the quality of a site. If a site is consistently down or buggy or unreliable, or has chronic problems with performance or functionality, then it's worth looking for alternatives. But my experience with steepster has that it's been pretty consistently bug-free, more so than plenty of other mainstream sites (like Facebook, Twitter, etc. which often have nasty bugs which prevent me from doing what I want to do, and which seem to occur once a month, once a week, or sometimes more).