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With May upon us and good news around the world - spring in the air, and a certain terrorist no longer among us - I am also happy to report that I am (almost) all better. I'm back to my working self, which means Keen Tea Thyme is back in business!

First, we've got a new company profile - Mad Pots of Tea. Check out the story by clicking on the company profile tab on the main page, or here: http://keenteathyme.blogspot.com/p/company-profile.html

Next, we've featured our first CelebriTEA, Rachel Carter - the voice behind www.iHeartTeas.com. Check out her story and learn more about this fave tea blogger and her new endeavors: http://keenteathyme.blogspot.com/p/celebritea.html

Stop by Tea Stain Art to see what's new with Dara Gold, and purchase one of your very own, limited run tea stain artwork: http://keenteathyme.blogspot.com/p/golds-tea-stain-art.html Send in your questions to this unique and talented artist!

May will feature more adventures of Ally, our Teaist Apprentice (check back on Fri., May 13 - oh no! Friday the 13th!) to see what she's been up to during the hiatus.

Also, I have a very special post I'm working on for Mother's Day. Don't forget, Mother's Day is this weekend!

And in between everything, we'll review and enjoy tea!

Got suggestions? Comments on my blog? Drop me a line at: keenteathyme@gmail.com

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your stay; have a great "thyme" being "keen" on tea!

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