How sweet is it? - Poll results

The results from April's poll are in! I asked what kind of sweetener (if any) folks used to sweeten their teas. I'm surprised by the number of purists - those of you who don't add any sweetener - good for you! Some of you selected "other," such as agave nectar, which I'm currently researching.

Here are the results:

Honey - organic variety or not. 4%
I'm old school. Sugar. Cubed. 0%
I'm cutting back on calories so it's Splenda or Equal for me.   9% 
milk/creamer + sugar. 4%
I'm into the sugar crystal craze - amber or white. 13%
No sweetener. I’m a purist, baby. 50%
Other.  18%

Thanks all who voted! Don't forget to stop by and vote in May's poll:

Why do you drink tea?

Happy Brewing!

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