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With a brand new tea company on the market, Ami Soleau has been brewing what she loves and loving what she brews. That’s the motto of SpecialTea Brew, the tea company she formed in 2010.

Her business has been getting off the ground; she’s selling online with a successful and unique Web site, and using social networking sites – and word of mouth – to get her company noticed.

But there’s something – or rather, someone – missing. Ami’s on the hunt for a business partner, someone who loves promoting and marketing tea.

“Essentially I need a 50/50 partner in crime,” Ami said.  “This would not be me paying someone to do this but someone that wants to make this company their own with me.  Someone with a lot of passion like myself!”

Ami’s looking for a partner who has experience owning and operating a business, dealing with permits and licensing. But her ultimate biz partner would also be friendly and outgoing, someone who can “talk the talk and walk the walk” when it comes to knowing teas.

Currently SpecialTea Brew is an online-only tea shop based in Seattle, WA, but Ami said her future biz partner doesn’t need to be from the area. Eventually, she explained, she’d love to open up a brick and mortar shop, and therefore the biz partner would need to be close. But it’s not a requirement, not yet.

Ami’s ultimate partner would have to have these qualities, she explained:
  • Down-to-earth
  • Business savvy
  • Knows and loves tea
  • Knowledge of tea production and blending
  • Experience in a small business setting
  • Outgoing – not as shy as she is

Ami said she gets along with just about any personality, so attitude clashing would probably not be an issue. “I think you do need to get along to go into business,” she said, adding that difference of opinions can be a good, constructive part of the business.

Ami currently works for Whole Foods as an accountant, so she has been contacting vendors to sell her teas. She’s also been reaching out through Steepster.com and other sites to not only announce her tea company but get the word out about the employment opportunity.

If you think you have what it takes to work with Ami @ SpecialTea Brew or if you have questions about her company, please e-mail her at specialteabrew@yahoo.com.

SpecialTea Brew will be featured as a company profile on Keen Tea Thyme later this summer, so stay tuned for that. J

Check out SpecialTea Brew at http://www.specialteabrew.com/. SpecialTea Brew offers a wide selection of teas and accessories at great prices. Plus, there's a "how-to" brew guide here, that I'm sure you'll find handy: http://www.specialteabrew.com/instructions

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