New Venture: 52Teas & iHeartTeas

Our May CelebriTEA, Rachel Carter, has a new tea venture. Together with 52Teas.com, iHeartTeas has begun offering teas "Rescued from Retirement," such as the ever-popular Blueberry Cheese Danish.

Visit her store http://tinypay.me/ss0yorhb and check out the three teas available, as well as her other tea selections.

I should disclose that I made a purchase myself, just a few minutes ago, for Blueberry Cheese Danish. I've always wanted to try this one. My heart skipped a bit when I saw it available. :)

Please note you will have to pay additional shipping charges, unlike purchases from 52Teas, which includes shipping in the price. But for shipping in the US, I paid only $1.50, so it's not extreme. 

Other teas will be available as well...but for a limited time, so when you see a tea you want, grab it! :)

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  1. Thanks for writing this article and I am also happy to say that you can go straight to www. iHeartTeas.com and it will direct you my store front. Lastly, I am sorry to say the Blueberry Creamcheese Danish is now sold out but I do have only 5 of the Watermelon Raspberry Green Tea and 7 of the Champagne Mojito Green Tea along with many other choices. Be sure to grab them before they're gone.