Happy Mother's Day - Memories

One of my favorite memories is sharing a cup of tea with my mother and Oma, my mom's mom. Many times when my family visited my grandparents, my dad, brother and Papa would disappear into the family room (probably talk sports or politics), and the girls would enjoy a cup of tea after dinner.

I remember selecting a tea from one of the many tins which, to this day, still smell like Oma's house - like clean linens, fresh laundry and baked cookies.

I always felt so grownup sharing that cup of tea with Mom and Oma. They would talk about grown-up things or I'd talk about school or the latest "novel" I was writing. (I wrote my first "novel" when I was in elementary school...a diatribe about a lemonade stand.)

A few years ago my grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. My brother, now sister-in-law, Mom and I made a scrapbook of their lives together. We actually sat and drank tea while presenting them with presents. There is a peace that comes from drinking a cup of tea, surrounded by loved ones, enjoying a family moment together. I felt that peace then, and whenever I drink Constant Comment tea now I imagine that moment and feel that peace again.

My mom & Oma both have a love of tea, which they've past on to me. My mom loves her Red Rose tea - collecting the ceramic animals and making sun tea from the bags. Oma enjoys coffee-flavored teas - Hazelnut and French Vanilla. I've taken that love and expanded on it, plus crafted my own blends for them.

I'm reminded, now, of a tag sewn on the many clothes my mom made for me, as well as clothes and quilts and mittens and scarves my Oma made for me: Made with Love. Should I ever start a tea company, I think I would adopt that and called it "Brewed with Love" or "Steeped with Love."

I plan to name my future daughter after the grandmother, Oma, who inspired me to be a better person. From things I've done in my life I hardly think I'm close.

But I look forward to each visit with both my mom and my Oma, so we can share tea and memories once again.

Happy Mother's Day!

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