52teas: Tulsi Rama - Week of May 9th

Will wonders never cease? Not only are more 52teas blends available in the Rescued from Retirement initiative, here's the new tea available from 52teas. Remember, limited run only! So if you want it, grab it now!

used w/permission from 52teas

I had to google "tulsi rama" because it sounded more like an episode of "LOST" than a tisane/tea. According to http://www.organicindia.com/tulsi-facts.php, Tulsi Rama, aka "Holy Basil," is a stress-relieving herb that also works wonders with your immune system and even enhances stamina.

If I hadn't already blown my tea budget this week, I'd hop on this. If anyone is up for sharing this tea, I'd love to!

Basil on pizza is pretty good and I'm sure this cuppa is more healthy...

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