Happy Mother's Day!

I'm not a mom, not yet. But I have been fortunate enough to know three amazing women - my mother and my two grandmothers, Oma and the late Grann.

Grann & I shared a lot before she passed away. She was one of the few people to encourage me to write, and taught me how to really listen to people. She married her childhood sweetheart, as I have married my college sweetheart. She was passionate about many things, and taught me to be passionate too.

Oma, who is in her 70's, is my mom's mom, and her first name will be the middle name of my future daughter. Oma is a very good woman, well-liked and well-respected. She is loved by her family and friends. I have tried to be like her in many ways: patient, friendly, mild-mannered.

I get a lot of my personality from my mom: we're both driven, hard workers and loyal. We both have hot tempers, but share a love of the Young & the Restless. Like many mothers and daughters, we've had our share of tears, but laughter too.

You only get one mom, and you don't get pick her. My mother and I didn't get along very well while I was growing up. I yearned for a "cool" mom - someone like Lucille Ball, who was my childhood hero. Now that I'm 30 and looking to have kids of my own, I realized that my mom was pretty cool. She didn't spoil me, she taught me to earn my way, work hard and be responsible. But she also showed me it's OK to laugh - especially at yourself. My mom worked hard for us kids (me and my younger brother), and wasn't always appreciated for the sacrifices she made. (She worked odd shift hours at a printing company.) But she was the one who made sure we had dentist appts lined up, and food on the table. My dad is more of a dreamer, chasing his heart, not always considered about the bottom line. They are no longer married to each other, although both have remarried.

I floss every day because my mom encouraged me to. I was rarely sick as a kid, and even if I was, I worked through it as often as I could. Speaking of work, I get my drive from her. We're both hard-workers and passionate - even if we're passionate about different things. I didn't have the happiest childhood, but I never had to go hungry (unless I was being punished for backtalking!) and I always had shelter and clothes.

I consider myself blessed to have shared my life with three amazing women: Grann, Oma and my mom. They influenced me in ways we all probably don't realize. They helped make the person I am.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom & Oma! And to Grann: I miss you.

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