iHeartTeas.com - Kickoff Party through 7/18/11

Our good friend - and fellow tea fiend - has been making some changes to her online tea shop, iHeartTeas.com. To help celebrate the changes, Rachel is offering 20% off your order at iHeartTeas.com, through 7/18/11.

First, visit her site here: http://iheartteas.teatra.de/2011/07/iheartteas-kick-off-party/

Second, find the teas you'd like to purchase through that link only - her tiny.pay account will not accept the coupon code, nor the shopping cart so make sure you're in the right location - her blog marketplace.

Third, enter the coupon code "KickOff20" at checkout (minus the quotations, of course).

iHeartTeas sells a variety of tea selections: from Rescued from Retirement Teas (in association with 52 Teas) to handpicked sampler packs. Rachel has been one of the most successful tea sellers on Tea Trade, and is one of the most friendly people I know. So if you are having trouble entering the code or need any help, visit her Web site and drop her a line.

Let's help celebrate this new iHeartTeas initiative and score a great deal in the process! :)

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